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5. Disassembly of equipment at Seller`s

Distinctive feature of our company is an individual approach we try to find to each our customer.

That is why both specialists from our company and our partners provide additional services involving disassembly and removal of industrial machinery. It is crucial to understand that properly disassembled and complete equipment would not serve as a pretext for reduction in value when making its valuation.

At the same time it should be borne in mind that disassembling can be a complicated and quite expensive procedure. It refers to a large extent to equipment for fire- and explosion-hazardous productions, as well as to enterprises with non-stop operation schedule, where it is essential to disassemble and remove equipment without shut-off of operation process. Often it is much less expensive, safer and quicker to disassemble such kind of equipment by efforts of in-house specialists who know particularities and dangers of the production process better than others. Nevertheless, possessing a large experience of operation at chemical and power enterprises, we are able to arrange disassembling and removal of such equipment, as well.

** Cost of services on disassembling and removal of equipment is to be agreed separately and deducted from the amount due for your equipment.