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Industrial floor coatings


ROMEX® MB GmbH is a German manufacturer of polymer floor coatings made of epoxy resin and polyurethane with more than 25 years experience in selling to Eastern Europe. All our products are manufactured exclusively at our works in Meckenheim, Germany. The high quality standard of our coatings is particularly important to us, and these are laid according to German guidelines by our certified partners in Russia. This can be seen by the longterm safe and problem free usage of the floors in our projects, without any risk of having to lay new floor coatings after 2-3 years. This has been confirmed by many of our customers such as VW, Ford, Sollers in Automotive branch Dürr, Siemens, Bosch in mechanical engineering, Pepsi, Mars, Meggle in foods for whom we have laid more than a million m² of industrial floors in Germany, Eastern Europe and Asia.

Industrial floor coatings:

- Mechanically highly load bearing
- Very high abrasion strength
- Chemically resistant
- Volume conductive
- Dustfree
- Can be made nonslip
- Elastified
- Easy to clean
- Smooth, gloss or matt surfaces
- For visually attractive floors

We would recommend a comprehensive solution, according to German standards, all from one source - starting with material production, material supply, customs formalities, laying by ROMEX partners under the supervision of an on site German specialist, including the preparation of the concrete screed under the coating, because these processes are all dependent on each other.


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